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  • How to measure wire mesh? -glossary of terms

    Aperture (w) space between adjacent parallel wires
    Wire diameter (d) diameter of wire before weaving
    Mesh count (n) Number of aperture per lineal inch measured from the center of one wire to a point 1 inch distant.
    Pitch (p) Distance between the centers of two adjacent wires i.e. w+d
    Warp Wires running lengthwise in the cloth as woven
    Weft Wires running crosswire in the cloth as woven
    Open area The fractional open surface area of the wirecloth in follow direction. (applicable for square meshes only)
  • What is wire diameter?

    hot to measure wire mesh

    Wire diameter is always checked with a micrometer caliper as shown. Diameters of wires in both directions should be checked. The illustration shows .025 diameter wire.

  • Wire mesh calculator

    The following calculator is used for convert between mesh count, opening size and wire diameter.

    Mesh Count(per inch):
    Opening Size(mm):
    Wire Diameter(mm):

    You could input the value of any two variable of this three, and click "Calculate" to get the end Value you want.

    For example, you could fill in the "mesh count" with "100", fill in the "wire diameter" with "0.1", click "Calculate", you would get the opening size to be "0.154".

  • How to store the stainless steel mesh and warehouse store requirements?

    Stainless steel is a high corrosion resistance material, but it's not absolutly un-rust, and its corrosion resistance is not so stable in the chemical material. The corrosion of stainless steel is affected by its elements(such as Ni, Cr, Cu, Mo, Ni, etc.). Besides the material, the method of stocking the stainless steel wire mesh is also very important. We have some basic suggestions for stainless steel wire mesh stock:

    1. The warehouse should be kept ventilation, dry and clean. Not to put the stainless steel wire mesh under the sun.
    2. Get enought preparation for the bad weather.
    3. The stainless steel wire mesh should be packed well, keep it away with the acid, alkali or other corrosion source.
    4. Insure the stainless steel wire mesh are classified safely, recheck it in every season.
    5. The temperature of warehouse is better to kept in 25℃, humidity should be under 50 degree.
    6. Solve every problem at beginning.

  • Can I get samples?

    We are pleased to provide samples for your testing and inspecting.

    The sample is free if the samples size is less than 400mmx400mm, yon only need to pay for the courier charge.

    Please contact us if you need larger samples.

  • Can I add our lable or sticker on the rolls, cartor or pallet?

    Yes, sure. But please note that it dosen't contain any material on copyright infringement.

  • What is the Diamond Network?

    Diamond mesh made of 304 stainless steel wire, outer protective adopt electrostatic spraying, 304 stainless steel mesh with high rust, destructive power, after the seizure, anti-strike capacity of 2.148 tons Chong, shear, anti-sabotage stronger, SS is the "stainless steel" abbreviation, 316L stainless steel grades, are three models available in the market 304,316,316L gauze, 304 nickel (Ni) 8 , carbonaceous 0.08; 316 containing nickel (Ni) 10 a carbonaceous 0.08; 316L nickel (Ni) 12 , carbonaceous 0.03 or less; the lower the carbon content of the corrosion, the higher the nickel content corrosion.

    Net status of iron-like, hard, impact-resistant super power, this is the most significant characteristics of our products. Translucent good: look from the inside out with great clarity, from the outside look blurred, you can create a safe and comfortable private space for you, and can block the mosquitoes into the room, a living room and office space a warm, safe, security, bulletproof product of choice.

    Transparent no sense of vertigo, indoor seen as a layer of colored glass transparent to the outside, outdoor to indoor look hazy, blurred. Role: superior impact resistance, anti-theft, bullet-proof, anti-mosquito and so on. Features: flat surface, standard mesh, bent consistent latitude and longitude, its distinguishing feature is as hard as iron plate real, is the preferred anti-theft, bulletproof, home office security protection.

  • Stainless Steel Wire Mesh What features and applications?

        Stainless Steel Wire Mesh is a high-quality stainless steel wire materials under certain temperature conditions, drawing after drawing machine to a predetermined wire diameter and at a constant temperature, clean, clean factory building through the development of machine compiled into screen.
        Stainless Steel Wire Mesh is strength and elastic modulus of a maximum screen, so good stability plane, making the halftone pattern dimensional stability. Since the wire diameter can weave a very fine mesh screen, consistent and uniform thickness, high yield point screen, its anti-corrosion properties such as heat resistance, excellent chemical resistance properties, abrasion resistance strong, net India ink penetrating good, hardly plugging holes, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity. Its good resilience, even under great tension, elongation is also very small, making it suitable for precision printing.

        Stainless steel wire mesh wide range of applications, especially for the electronics industry and sign industry in high-precision printing requirements. Such as a printed circuit board wiring pattern, solder resist graphics, character pattern, a conductive printed materials, SMT solder paste in the resistance, liquid crystal display block, film button switches, aircraft instrument scale, automotive glass, ceramics, color tone printing, advanced nameplate, etc., can also be used as an electrostatic shield and mesh networks such as the use.

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