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Stainless steel I-type network characterized

Stainless steel I-type network also known as net of profiling, mainly made of stainless steel wire

  • Warp and weft wire diameter and density greater contrast, and thus the thickness of the URL filtering precision and service life for example, hole network has significantly improved its accuracy is the square mesh filter cloth can not be achieved.
  • High tension: tension higher than polyester mesh and high stability.
  • High precision: fairly uniform diameter opening, the error rate is minimal.
  • Low elongation: at high tension wire mesh stretched a small degree.
  • High yield: very high tension will not bend and lose their elasticity.
  • Highly wear-resistant: excellent wear resistance far more than steel fibers.
  • No static electricity: prevent static electricity, ensure the printing effect.
  • Good resistance to thermal fusion: suitable for hot-melt ink, is a special advantage stencil.
  • Good solvent resistance: to prevent damage to a variety of solvents to produce a screen to ensure the safety of printing.

Based on the above stainless steel I-Net features suitable for the printing industry the printing industry can be directly plate, curved surface printing products, such as: glass, ceramics, metals, plastics, rubber, printed circuit is particularly suitable for use in harsh environments, multicolor overprint, batch printing, print tone, precision printing Safe

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