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Diamond mesh security screen door to our lives which facilitate

    Many people think that diamond net price is relatively high, mainly because he did not fully understand the diamond mesh security screen door to the convenience of our lives, in fact, now the price is low, which determines the value of the product.

  • 1.security, effectively resist all kinds of insecurity, mosquito control, anti-theft protection, accident prevention fully staffed, enhance family well-being index.
  • 2.the prevention of child falls falling objects, open doors and windows will not be leaving the room in the elderly and children are not safe, eliminating the family always worried.
  • 3.energy saving, do not cause air barrier, indoor air circulation at any time, to reduce unnecessary air conditioning running. Low-carbon energy.
  • 4.invisible transparent, unobstructed sense, no sense of depression, keep in bright indoor nature and enjoy nature.
  • 5.for a wide range of office space, high-end residential villas, resorts, hospitals, banks, schools and other occasions.
  • 6.easy care, easy to clean gauze, can be bright as new. Easy life every day.
  • 7.easy to open, easy to accidentally escape, when the crisis quickly away from the scene. For the family guardian of peace.
  • 8.low-carbon environment, from powder to the profiles to use gauze completely environmentally friendly materials, non-polluting, more environmentally friendly than conventional screens, and create a green space to enjoy a healthy life.
  • 9.anti-ultraviolet, gauze to filter 30% of the UV rays, so you enjoy the sun at the same time, to avoid UV damage to the skin.
  • 10. user-friendly design, unique profiles arc design, reducing the angle of the doors and windows of the elderly and children harm.

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