Iran 2016 International Building Materials Fair

  • Ⅰ.Time&Location

        Start Time:2016.04.24

        End Time:2016.04.28

        Location:The Tehran International Exhibition Center

  • Ⅱ.Exhibition Profile <

        With the July 14, 2015 between Iran and the UN Security Council to reach an agreement to reduce nuclear capabilities at Vienna, 20 May, the UN Security Council unanimously agreed to lift the ban on exports to Iran include crude oil, freezing accounts, travel bans and economic sanctions. Frozen billions of dollars of funds to be released soon, Iran will return to the oil market.

        Brainer governments, businesses and investors have been active layout action, 21, Minister of the Economy and Germany on the Iranian president Rowhani launched an economic strategy meeting to restart cooperation, India's National Aluminium National Aluminium Co. (NALCO) intends to consider in Iran New aluminum smelter plan, the EU for the establishment of an office in Iran has begun preparatory work.

        Isolated from the world to reconnect with Iran, we are waking up to a giant attitude toward becoming a more and having a greater influence on the market's trading power forward.

  • Ⅲ.Scope of Exhibits

        Building materials: Architectural hardware, castings, aluminum construction, stainless steel construction, metal building materials, aluminum composite panel, color-coated, steel coil, wood, doors,windows and window fittings, building cementitious products, adhesives, paper materials, flooring, tiles watt,

        hardware tools: (Power tools, hand tools, cutting tools, etc.) architectural hardware, locks, abrasives, metal machinery, metal doors and windows.

        Environmental protection, water treatment technology: Environmental monitoring equipment • Environmental • fountains and pools • Hazardous Waste Cleanup • noise control products • Recycling technology • Solid Waste Management • Garbage collection • Waste water filtration and purification systems • water management technologies;

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