2016 Guangxi (Nanning) the real estate Exposition Home Building Materials Exhibition

  • Time:2016.04.30-2016.05.02

    location:Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center

    This exhibition, will guide and promote the healthy and orderly development of the home improvement industry, will cause strong attention from all walks of life. Dedicated to exposing the new room design concept to the society from all walks of life, better construction technology, low carbon environmental protection decorative materials and more advanced energy-saving equipment, household electrical appliances, businesses quickly upgrade the overall image and brand, enhance the visibility and competitiveness, also can let, to discuss cooperation and the exchange of information between enterprises. The general public to fully experience the "health - environmental protection - low carbon" affordable home meal preferential worry. Let the general public in the most short time internal energy docking to suit their own Jiezhuang companies and material suppliers, to interior design, decoration price and material supply, prices and quality compared to a full range of and enjoy more rest assured, caring service.

  • Home design categories: decoration companies, interior design agency.

    Ceramic sanitary ware categories: sanitary ware, ceramics.

    Wood flooring: flooring, doors and windows, carpet, wallpaper.

    Hardware paint categories: hardware, paint coatings.

       All types of architectural hardware, door control hardware, bathroom accessories, curtain hardware, furniture hardware.

    Other: intelligent security, environmental protection products, and other related products.

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